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The Garden

Set in a beautiful garden on the Cycladic island of Ios, overlooking the Aegean sunset, 
The Garden of Ios offers a Sunset Bar and a Restaurant in a rooted modern attempt.
Savour our signature and classic cocktails that honour the freshness of all ingredients, discover greek natural wines, share some meze or enjoy the dishes of our restaurant.

The Bar

Our selection of signature and classic cocktails, with or without alcohol, is complemented by a large range of greek natural wines.

On our Bar Menu you find a rich choice of herbal infusions, cold brews and juices. The freshness and rich flavours of all ingredients , wild harvested, or from our garden, all pure and kissed by the cycladic sun and winds.

The Restaurant

Our menu celebrates the tradition and intensity of organic food before industrial farming dominated. What we don’t grow ourselves, our local and Greek suppliers provide us with the caught of the day and organic meat.

The Patisserie

You will discover freshly baked cakes, raw & sugar free cakes, delicious and healthy

Sweet creations, using only highest quality of biodynamic fruits, herbs, seeds, nuts, grains and spices.

The Spirit

We cater to dietary preferences with gluten-free, refined sugar-free dishes, free from preservatives and additives.