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Bib Shop

All you desire wearing on a sunny beach day and summer night.


My parents came to Ios first time in 1961.
My father was a photographer, art director and graphic designer. My mother was a stylist.
They felt connected and lived there dream. In 1972, my mother started to design a cloth collection, all out the same fabric, which was produced in Greece and dyed , coloured by herself. In summer, she opened together with a local girl bib shop.
It soon became iconic. A new collection is created by her each winter. Because of the same fabric, it was possible to combine all pieces.
There is a heritage of 16 collections, 60000 meters of this highest quality of handwoven cotton fabric, and the textile dye colourants. Realizing her designs were timeless I decided to bring them to life again.

About the clothes

The clothes are a feeling, an emotion on the skin.
The suns, the salt, the wind, on the naked skin. This fabric flatters the skin. The style is timeless. 

The manufacturing

Each piece is manufactured in Europe, in a high end way. We use cotton yarn, lapp seams, and they are manualy dyed. 

The building

There are just some pieces of the puzzle of this highly interesting building known:
It was build as a church, than extended and divided. It was the residence of the municipality hall, in the seventies and eighties Bars, Clubs and a small punk shop opened in this building.

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